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Entry #1


2011-03-09 04:36:03 by aDropInTheOcean

I love this site


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2011-06-30 02:22:13

Hey dude, PM this guy nightmared9 , he needs a composer for his flash stuff. I also just got a bunch of PMs from people, if you really want to take over then I'm very happy about it.

The reasons why I'm not doing music right now because I must whoop up my ass to prepare for college and job.

aDropInTheOcean responds:

Thanks for the heads up, my job is also keeping me busy hence the lack of uploaded music. I have quite a few unfinished tracks that I never quite get round to completing.


2011-07-21 20:06:56

Join some contest dude, release your talents! 252805

NGADM :) Hurry 6 more days left til the deadline!

aDropInTheOcean responds:

Ah, only just read your comment, looks like I missed out, thanks for your support though bud :)